ATC Candle Company

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ATC Candle Company

 ATC Candle Company started in August 2016 as a part of the Women’s Campus in Pasadena Texas. For over 50 years Adult and Teen Challenge has been bringing the hope, help, and light of Jesus Christ to people trapped in the darkness of  addiction.The idea to create the candle company came from longtime supporters Abba Oil. As the women work in the handmade candle-making business they are not only helping to build a sustainable business to help with the financial needs of operating the ministry, they are gaining new skills for future employment when they graduate the program.    


Wood Shop

For nearly two decades, the San Antonio Campus has created beautiful wood crafts to support the ministry. The donated scrap wood used to create these crafts was once considered useless and discarded, much like the men who build the crosses, but like their lives, the wood is transformed into something beautiful- a testimony of Christ's redeeming power. 


Starman T-Shirt Factory

For close to 10 years, The Starman T-Shirt Factory has been creating quality t-shirts for churches, VBS, sports teams, and events. The factory, located on the Azle Men's Campus, also specializes in creating hip Christian t-shirts that are available for purchase at ATCOT events and choir services. The factory gives students a creative outlet as they create unique designs that testify to all who wear them!